24 May 2007 07:23 pm

I have worked a number of years with adolescent boys and girls who have been placed in residential facilities designed to help them with their problems.

This story is about a young man named Gary whose life is in transition. He has spent the last few years in hospitals and group homes, and is now on the verge of “graduating” from his current placement. Gary, who is turning 18, is about to “age out” and will either have to successfully “transition” back to the community or enter the penal or mental health communities as an adult.

Gary’s personality and experiences are a combination of myself and a couple of the boys I have worked with over the years. His sense of humor and attitude towards life is one that I have found in a number of the kids with whom I have worked.

This experiences and attitudes of Gary were gleaned from the real lives of young adults living in residential facilities in the 70’s and 80’s much of what he saw and the language he used to frame and articulate his world are highly representative of that time period and do not necessarily reflect the experience of those in similar facilities today.

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