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Claudia thought she had found the perfect man in Austin. He was intelligent, funny and very caring. Yet, despite all these great qualities, she found it increasingly difficult to rectify this loving man with the way he conducted his professional life.

Austin was a PR man for the rich and the famous in both the corporate and political worlds. Though Claudia admired Austin’s goals she finally decided to leave him because of his methods. Austin, a master of influence and propaganda, always knew what to say and how to make everyone feel important and special.

Did Austin really love Claudia and respect her, or did he just know how to handle her? Was she his life partner or another client to please and manipulate? Claudia is not sure of the answers and is not sure if she would ever take him back even if she proved to herself that he really did love her. Is it possible for a man to be too perfect or for doting, affection and care to be a negative in a relationship?

Claudia’s dilemma is causing her to grow and flourish in many ways. Her eyes have been opened and with that so has her mind. No matter what happens in regards to her relationship with Austin, Claudia is sure to come out the other end a better person.

Since this book was written in the early 90’s much of the technology mentioned will appear outdated and quite quaint. Yet, it is always interesting to visit past eras to compare and contrast as well as inhabit in the skin of people living in a previous modern era.

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