26 Jun 2017 07:44 pm

Life Play was written at the beginning of the 90’s. It is a story of young idealistic and inventive man named Gino who attempts to radically change modern society by fully maximizing the abilities of automation to free the average man from a life of toil and mindless labor. In order to accomplish his dream of creating a “laborless society” Gino must enter the corporate world he hopes to one day dismantle and replace.

Life Play follows Gino’s ¬†journey as he attempts to positively impact and transform modern society while not sacrificing his own joy and quality of life. All of Gino’s ideals take a backseat to his relationship to his wife Kate, and to his sense of personal integrity. At each and every turn he makes new connections and establishes meaningful relationships with those that both support and at times oppose his long term vision. His desire to create a life affirming and harmonious society often parallels the web of interconnected relationships he forms in every business venture with which he interfaces.

Reality seldom leaves most dreams fully intact, or unchanged. Gino’s dream is no exception. Gino always wondered if the world was ready for him, but many he encounters wonder if Gino is truly ready for the world.

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