14 Jun 2007 07:41 pm

This book outlines my basic attitude towards human experience, meaning and life in general. At around the age of 20 I came up with the working hypothesis that the desire for intimacy is a basic human drive. I define intimacy as the desire to become more familiar and comfortable with, or to become closer to. Each person has things they choose to become intimate with; some choose music or art, others choose science, knowledge, themselves or physical prowess.


Chapter 1 Defining Intimacy

Chapter 2 The Birth of Intimacy

Chapter 3 Intimate Relationships

Chapter 4 Sex and Intimacy

Chapter 5 Intimacy, Language and the Body

Chapter 6  The Road to Intimacy

Chapter 7 Limitation and Intimacy

Chapter 8 Spirituality and Religion

Chapter 9 Obstacles to Intimacy

Chapter 10 Pretenders to the Throne 

Chapter 11 Intimacy Inventory

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