06 Jun 2007 07:10 pm

They say he spoke for a generation took away their blinders and chains
Gave life to a new generation a just prophet with rage
Yet I find no footprints of courage, I see no vestige of change
I see only a drugged out shyster, that sought only fortune and fameThe more he could do the quieter he became
Goals and ideals readily did fade

Many years have gone by the social world is in decay
The village voice has become the village idiot, led so many astray
Instead of emancipation we only see pain
A life of degradation is on the rise again
The bridge has torn away, stranded, some escape some pray

Who will lead, will end misery?

We need a new voice to start a new flame
Someone who won’t sell out for some small change
We need a new plan free of exploitation
We need a strong hand to unite this generation
We need to act not just complain
We need to share, treat everyone the same

Let the dead die away
Make the users stop their game

What we need is common sense, what we need is compassion
What I want is a better world, what I want is for everyone
We don’t need old ideas of competition and pain
We don’t need old solutions of escapism and gain
We don’t need old ideals, no idols that lead astray
We don’t need old solutions that divide and betray

Who will lead, will end misery?

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