29 Apr 2012 06:41 pm

Instant response
Is how it’s played
Slow hands will fail
Will lose the game

Fragile is this whole adventure
With no answers but beaucoup clues, so true
For every right there are so many wrongs
One false move and you are through, what can one do?

So much movement without direction
Fast paced always on the move
We are besieged by repetition
Our bodies respond know what to do, the world’s our tool

Rest will never come for the players
24/7 for the plugged in crew
When we dream and sleep we still hold vigil
Track symbolic interpretations, texts and global news

No time to peel back the moment
To look inside to think things through (well I do)
The more plugged in the more disconnected
From our feelings and from our truth our point of view

I long to talk with you in leisure
To share some silence (and) some laughter too
Rapid response is the demon
Leaving one empty, sad and cruel all parts no glue

Life is speeding up with momentum
Endless information, so little time to choose
Like a video game we keep moving
Get to another level, you snooze you lose

Instant response
Is how we’re played
Slow hands will fail
You’ll lose the game

Snap Decision

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