29 Apr 2012 06:37 pm

Sometimes I wander out loud
Ask questions to fathom the crowd
Pick out the shiny or grey
Add them to life’s wondrous display

Between the sighs and insipid goodbyes
There are moments that transform the real
It could be smiles or the look in one’s eyes
That supply my heart with wings so dear

What did the heroine say?
Did she say it in a masculine way?
Is that why they’re cheering so loud?
It was never that upside down

I multiply instead of divide
Find joy in the depth of things
Tendencies rise as certainties fall
As change and familiar embrace so dear

Each moment I feel the same
Let’s me see it a different way
More hope less expectation
Give hearts some validation

It’s not really good or bad
Just healthy choices that make me glad
More hope less expectation
Kind words give inspiration

Some say they know
Well I say it flows

Amidst all change
Somehow we remain

We feel life
It’s beauty and its strife

It’s alright
Don’t need no paradise

Every time I love
I give myself a hug

Come sing with me
Create more harmony

The rhythm we awake
Create bonds we celebrate

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