05 Jul 2012 04:54 pm

So much I see remains the same love
As what I do and what I feel
I hunker down with the familiar
Your world and mine fit seamlessly

Science finds many laws and probability
The same is found everywhere from physics to biology
I know who I am through such constancy
Your words and your smile forge my identity

Out of the known the new arises
Without a norm there’d be no surprises

From the hordes of traits we share love
Comes a spark of choice viewed differently
After many steps we notice separate paths
Miles later celebrate our novelty

Life is full of limitations which house our sweet desires
That gives life joy and its meaning on which our love does thrive
Without the same there is no difference there is no you nor I
We live best in the moment when we use our past to guide

I feel the joy of life
I see it in your eyes

I’m seen by your eyes
Life’s made real in you smile

I feel the joy of life
I see me through your eyes

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