05 Jul 2012 04:57 pm

Awake from your slumber feel the energy
Awake to your freedom and our dignity
We can make the world a place for which we can be proud
Awake all good feelings sing them sweet and loud
We have the gift of life, for such a short, short time

Its harder to love than it is to hate
It’s easier to destroy but we still create
It’s harder to agree than debate
Yet, when we trust and share, we can celebrate
What we do is what we become, when we love we help everyone

The disconteded rule the world
The disconteded shape our world
But when loving hearts unite
They give justice to this life

We are such fragile hearts. we need each other to survive
Awake, awake, to the kindness we all embrace
Awake, awake, to a life we can celebrate

Does your heart feel it to, sway with the music and say its true
Awake, awake, from the fear and the hate
Awake, awake, the desire to care which makes us great

I feel life is good,
Awake, awake life is good
Drink the water pure and cool
Feel the breeze smell it too
Awake, awake life is good
Awake, awake both me and you

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