29 Apr 2012 06:31 pm

As candy is sweet you’re such a treat got my sweet tooth’s aching inside
Your package is tempting as I’m sure I did mention as I unwrap you with my eyes
The music is thumping our juices start pumping as we dance into the night
As your body starts heaving I start believing we’ll catch that express on time

Pushing past the limits of physical resistance our bodies become molten lava
Feeling hearty and so lean just humming like a well-tuned machine

Working up a good sweat

You give me the nod we become liquid gods as we race past simple delight
Such ecstasy buckles my knees as I lift you into the skies
I’ll climb another mountain tilt my head in your fountain to taste your misty delights
I crave the emotion born of frenzied motion the gift of visceral life

Lungs burning from action quiver in orgasm from working overtime
The heat that is rising relaxed and enticing the supple we do revive

Working up a good sweat

Working up a good sweat
this could be the best yet
Working up a good sweat
I’ll be your (the) teachers pet
Working up a good sweat
Ecstasy is a sure bet

The brute reality of us human beings is our body’s health and mind
A body in play sweats out the stale remains agile and light

Working up a good sweat

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