07 Jun 2007 12:07 pm

If not here, then where will we unite?
If not now, then when will we be kind?
We have so much, why don’t we share?
Why do we horde and talk like we care?
Suckled on the view of the privileged few, how can we be expected to see the truth?
Corporate profits shape the news, creates the agenda sets the mood
Maintain disparity is the name of the game, bowing to their god of monetary gain
The more we buy the more we fan the flames, consume every morsel, set the globe ablaze

What is the deal, why are we killing
So many ideals? I’m trying so hard to see
What is the deal, I know my heart is
Missing the real, others keep dying

Is it love or only desire?
Is it truth or the bounty of power?
Do we care, or just utter slogans of peace?
Is it fair to demand all others to cease?

Why do we force all to choose to be just like us or to lose?
Stacking the deck we manufacture views, we say we’re victims while we abuse
There’s no way I can look away, ignore our strategic genocidal games
Rape the land give it to the few, keep the masses fighting demographic ruse

What is the deal? I cannot live this way
What is the deal? I don’t want to hurt this way
What is the deal? I feel worse each day
What is the deal? We’re so bad in many ways

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