07 Jun 2007 11:55 am

Don’t take it personally, don’t take it to heart
Words are just objects to them a way to reach the end
Amassing fortunes beyond all our dreams
Insatiable greed is power to them a way tot horde and defend
On their lies we depend and we hate the other side
Patriotic and blind we believe they are right and trust in their might
(and) we fight the other side

What do we hope to achieve by killing every being
Signs are everywhere forever in the air warning us against trusting others
We must keep the peace by being the police committed to destroying evil
We must believe in the integrity of the people who make money
By selling weapons worldwide
These lovers of disparity these pushers of nicotine
These purveyors of poverty our elected leaders

People are commodities to them, destined to consume and to spend
And in the end they will provide another fight
To get us to believe and to get us to fear and to get us to pray
That they will survive, so we can be free and use their money
To destroy our families and all life

Red, white and blue utilitarian state of America
Red, white and blue where is the justice? Who’s being kind
Where is the humanity behind all the lies?
Where is the compassion that makes us alive?

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