07 Jun 2007 11:19 am

I gave my all for humanity
The rise and fall of my dignity
Did you not feel my sincerity?
It’s clarion call for clarityDefeat me now for it’s not hard to do
I only wanted to help and imbue
To decrease the pain some feel
And share the joys reaped from the real

He who forgives has first to blame
She who defeats seeks personal gain
I want no control just be circumspect
To honor one’s needs with due respect

When we try to be happy we’re all on the same side
Any opposition is but a vagary of mind
Let’s decrease the pain some do feel
And share the joys of living with zeal

I love, I love with sight
Each day is followed by night
I want to live, hence I must die
My spirit and my body entwined
Today is not yesterday the unique is finite
Sweet Intentions

It’s time I want to feel
It’s all I want to feel
It’s time you want to heal
It’s all you need to heal

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