17 May 2007 07:50 am

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In Desperation
In Desperation (lyrics/reveries)

I Need Passion (gritty)
I Need Passion (gritty) (lyrics/reveries)

Looking to Madness
Looking To Madness (lyrics/reveries)

Multiple Addictions
Multiple Addictions (lyrics/reveries)

Silly Inhibitions
Silly Inhibitions (lyrics/reveries)

Malady (lyrics/reveries)

Eros and Erosion
Eros and Erosion (lyrics/reveries)

Shared Destruction
Shared Destruction (lyrics/reveries)

United Man
United Man (lyrics/reveries)

Mother and Child
Mother and Child (lyrics/reveries)

I Need Passion (clean)
I Need Passion (lyrics/reveries)

In Desperation
In Desperation (Instrumental)

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