06 Jun 2007 07:00 pm

Where have you been today?
I haven’t seen much to say
I don’t know where it’s going
I don’t know if I’m into the lightI sense confusion is leading me is deceiving me
The thrill of motion is teasing me, is appeasing me
My heart is pounding stuck on the floor
So revved up just go and go
All’s endless action there’s no reprieve
Infinite information lights up the screen

I’m running far but I know it’s not true
My breath on fire gives me the clue
The warmth on my back is it really you
The glance in the mirror slides into the blue

Light gives me vision, sound is the cure
Nothing is for certain in this brave new world
Senses are heightened life is a blur
A mountain of seduction that’s for sure

I ride the wave cresting so high
There’s no earth just sky after sky
I feel a pulse throbbing me blind
Time is a creature no longer alive

It’s a brave new world
Welcome to the new world

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