06 Jun 2007 07:52 pm

I once loved a girl from Alabama
Though I wasn’t family in the southern way
We made love on sandy beaches
Though the sea was miles awayThey don’t really, really love you
They just applaud to feel amused
Tomorrow evening they’ll adore someone different
Some sad eyed cracker who can sing the blues

Feeling dizzy past my second mutation
Perhaps it’s just the flu
Paisley prints are an odd obsession
But they flatter you

A cloud of lust and some rare phantasms
“Made the flick, ” the critics swooned
A patch of flesh in strained orgasm
Put the viewers in an Oscar mood

A simple boy who loved his mother
Saw his dad with a giggler nude
When his hormones danced inside him
He struggled vainly to stay true

He went crazy when he heard her coming
Right thru the walls
No one could really blame him
When he broke the law

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