08 Apr 2013 10:07 am

This album and individual tracks are now available to be downloaded on Bandcamp. Just go to Bandcamp and type in Jim Guido or GuidoWorld and Flesh of Life will be there to listen to and download.

Live Until We Die
Live Until You Die(lyrics/reveries)
Inexhaustible You
Inexhaustible You(lyrics/reveries)
Scarlet Fever
Scarlet Fever (lyrics/reveries)
While We Live
While We Live(lyrics/reveries)
The Day She Died
The Day She Died(lyrics/reveries)
Earn A Living
Earn A Living(lyrics/reveries)
Life Fills My Days
Life Fills My Days(lyrics/reveries)
Standard of Deviation
Standard of Deviation(lyrics/reveries)
Enlightened Psychopaths
Enlightened Psychopaths(lyrics/reveries)
It’s Too Late
It’s Too Late(lyrics/reveries)

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