06 Jun 2007 07:59 pm

As she battles hard with the childhood that never ends
Spends her time tending to her chores
Watering the strange plants that make up her little den
Nothing else near her seems to growWatching life that comes too near you, try to escape its gaze
Feeling awkward your every movement, feeling so ashamed
The plants they avoid attention, you keep them tucked away
But when eyes, they focus on you, you wish you could do the same

Daily she punishes herself for the embarrassment she caused her mom
By being nothing and no one
No matter what she did she did it all so wrong
Feared mom’s icy smile of one that’s bearing pain

Something gave way deep inside her when her mom was away
Everyone talked of the crashing windows that shattered their day
Time had stopped for this timid flower led away by the hand
No one noticed strewn on cement, some plants were dead

Piercing fragments do speeding on
Memories like daggers plunging down
Torture the fetus that she was
Never trusting that she was more than a worthless piece of flesh

Form letter affection that she received
Fragile embraces made her feel like slime
Repulsive and repugnant lady of straw
An odor followed her thru her life that explained how nature treated her


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