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I’ve been amazed at how often I hear it said in the corporate media that this election is the most important choice in our nation’s history. This type of hyperbole seems way over the top especially when you consider how incredibly similar the policies of Romney and Obama are. While they may have distinct images their parties might take a microscopic analysis to find any significant differences in their goals and methods.

I can not recall any incumbent who has abandoned, neglected and abused his voter base and platform as much as Obama has. His actions in office have been stunning in their blatant support of the military/industrial complex, the 1%, and the financial industry. You add on to this his stripping of personal rights, privacy and civil liberties as he expands the powers of the executive branch way beyond any previous president.

Obama seems quite confident that his voter base will excuse or ignore his actual policies and vote for him because of his personality and that his opponent is the poster boy for the 99%’s perception of the 1%.

We have become a nation of righteous military zealots who believe that might makes right and that any nation who even mildly differs from us is evil and deserving of sanctions, torture, forced regime change, stealth attack, and annihilation. We now have a president who can decide to imprision any person indefinitely without any proof of guilt or even of a specific accusation. Yet, these imperial powers don’t end there. The president now can have any person executed without trial, permissoin from congress, or legal recourse if the president labels them as a terrorist or a threat to the state.

Romney and the Republican party try to paint Obama as being soft, a socialist, and other stereoypic terms reserved for the most leftist liberals. If this is soft, I’d hate to see what a real hawk looks like. There was a brief moment in the campaign where the Republicans made a specific accusation that Obama was too soft on immigration. Well a quick look at Obama’s actual record regarding deportation, the forced splitting of immigrant families, etc. made it obvious that it was better to keep the accusations vague in order to not reveal Obama’s ultra conservative policies.

Romney’s attacks on Obamacare likewise had to be vague and eventually die out since both of their medical plans were written by the same people and were all but identical.

The truth of the matter is that this election is historically important to see if the perceptual managers have succeeded in making this seem like a real choice between radically opposed idealogies. The perceptual managers want to know if they can help voters ignore the reality of four years of policies and actions opposed to their interests and still vote for a man based on perceptual and blatant dishonesty.

With the increased knowledge of the fact that the presidential debates are highly scripted and controlled by both candidates, it becomes the perfect challenge for the perceptual managers to see if they can still get people to take the election process seriously. This is like getting people to believe in the wizard of oz after the curtain has been pulled back. And from my seat in the arena it seems like they are succeeding.

In the debates even the candidates had a hard time hiding and in fact often admitting the similarity of their viewpoints regarding foreign policy (they love war), economics (business friendly, plan on dismantling social security, etc.), justice (keep putting more in jail but provide complete amnesty for white collar criminals), ethics (expand sanctions, drones, torture, and ignore/violate all international law) an the endless war of terror and generally avoid any mention or tangible discussion regarding poverty, the national debt, automation, military expenditures, personal rights, and need for increased transparency of government, financail and corporate entities.

Voting in this election is admitting you’re willing to cast a ballot for candidates whose major policies are more often than not diametrically opposed to your own. Poll after poll show that significant percentages of Americans are opposed to the policies and actions of our government in everything from the economy, to military engagement, to domestic affairs. Neither party includes in their platform or their talking points the view or the priorities of the public at large.

The public voice is being ignored and we are again being asked to go further and further down the road of voting for the lesser evil. A non vote here may be the most honest, honorable and courageous thing to do this election.

The perceptual managers want to know how far they can take this, and how much loyalty they can muster from a voter base being abused, deceived and manipulated. A non vote is letting them know that you are not buying it any more, and maybe that you are not going to tolerate the game as it is. At some point in time it would be nice if we took a stand and said we are tired of the deteriorization of our rights, freedoms, choices, quality of life and standard of living.

Maybe you will be like me and say, that I am a voter in search of a real candidate. Someone who represents some of my views and cares about people as much as I do.

I refuse to be bullied and guilted into fearing and hating everyone who does not agree with the imperialistic actions of a nation which more often embarasses or morally disgusts me rather than make me proud.

In the sixties it became common to ask “what if they gave a war and nobody came?” Maybe today the question could be “what if they gave an election and nobody voted?”

A vote in this election is vote of confidence in the con men. It is saying we no longer care what our nation is doing to us or to the rest of the world. It is saying “come on take all my money, my freedom and my dignity, I can take it.” I’m not so sure you can take it, but I’m pretty confident they will.

Jim Guido

PS I forgot to mention another little election tid bit which found its way into the news and is indicative of how far our media and democratic pricniples have fallen, and that is that former president Jimmy Carter is on record as saying that the US election process is corrupt and inefficient. He had earlier praised the Venezuelan election and ballot counting process as being state of the art and exemplary. This is the same Venezuela that the US corporate press and our government tried to portray as corrupt during their recent election of Chavez who was also described as a communist and a dictator rather than the elected leader of a conscientious democracy.

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