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After writing the last post reviewing this website, I thought it might be a good idea to let you all in on the goal, purpose or intention of this site. As I mentioned in the review post a major goal of the site is to offer readers free access to my lyrics, music poetry and books.

Yet, I did not start the blog portion of my site with any specific intention. Yet, now some two years into the site I can offer some insight into what I’m doing and why.

My philosophical loves are phenomenology, existentialism and taoism because of how much their ideas, observations and questions affect the quality of my day-to-day life and experience. My art and this site are generally an attempt to share my observations about what it means to be a happy human being enthralled with life, perception and experience.

Many of my posts are intended to point out current myths or preconceptions which may dilute, distort or even limit our ability to experience joy and meaning through our experiences. When I look at the world’s such as politics, economics, religion, spirituality and psychology I am amazed at the number of misconceptions and assumptions that are just blindly accepted. I myself have always been skeptical of any assumptions and prefer to reflect on issues to determine their actual functional validity.

This desire to experience things as they are and to immerse myself into the wonder that is human experience and perception anchors all of my thought in visceral life. I enjoy the process of personal development and figuring out portions of the endless puzzle that is human existence.

When I offer an observation or self-revelation the goal is not controversy or an attempt to prove my opinion. My goal is to find and share what we have in common.

It is very popular today to express observations as opinions designed to spark debate and controversy. The goal usually is to win while insulting the opposing viewpoint. This is prevalent in almost all social/discussion and has become almost synonymous with modern entertainment. It almost impossible to see or read any movie, TV show, book, play, newspaper or comedy routine etc. without being asked to choose sides in the endless war of us versus them.

My goal is to highlight what we have in common while also expressing my uniqueness and individuality. Being immersed in my humanity, and focused on human experience and perception I am keenly aware of how people often deny or escape their humanity.

Instead of embracing and marveling at the transitory and finite life world of being human, many seek to flee their humanity through seeking absolutes. Instead of accepting and reveling in our transitory existence, they seek refuge in Eternal Truths and immortal non-finite beliefs.

I enjoy discovering and growing, and this being so, I have no need for Eternal Truth. For me life is an endless process in the sense that I will never exhaust its possibilities and truths. What is true today, or even true for as far as I can imagine, is not necessarily true forever? While much in life stays the same, there will always be change and new growth.

At this point in time I can say that humans need oxygen, water and food to exist, yet there may come a day when this isn’t so. The scientific truths of yesterday are seldom the same as the scientific truths of today. How boring would it be if we truly knew everything, if we found every Eternal Truth?

I personally enjoy knowing more today than I did yesterday. I enjoy sharing my discoveries with others and having them share their insights, observations and wisdoms with me.

The last statement is as good a summation as any to the goal and intention of this website. I want to share with you the thoughts and perceptions which enrich my experience and appreciation of life, and yearn for you to join in this dialogue.

Life is full of options and opportunities, and while no one can be perfect, I enjoy exploring how we can make our immediate real world into a better place. Who out there wants to help me in this endeavor?

United in Compassion
Jim Guido

2 Responses to “What’s it all About?”

  1. on 19 Mar 2010 at 4:21 am Thomas Wood

    Yes, working on it but it seems, independently as ever, we seem to be on the same “web” page.

    More to come (when I’ve had a bit of a rest). Maybe a joint effort. Joint blog post? Dunno, but one of us has to figure the marketing angle out.

  2. on 26 Mar 2010 at 9:06 pm Thomas Wood

    Okay, I’ve figured out a great few resources for us. The main one, please, check this out:

    go to: and sign up. I’m on it and working my butt off. It should really help with getting the word out about our non-niche posts. Also, the whole design should, eventually, get us a lot of backlinks into the site.

    Readership, here we come.

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