Government and Politics and Social Issues28 Apr 2013 09:56 am

*Jobs are never coming back
Progress in automation and technology are drastically reducing the number of jobs needed nationally and globally

*Raiding social security and medicare have nothing to do with debt reduction
It is just a blatant money grab and class war

*The new health care laws will not improve services or provide coverage for everyone
They will shift responsibility away from insurance companies and onto individuals
They will maximize profits and fine those who can’t afford insurance

*The internet was and always will be a pentagon project
It is just part of the global surveillance plan

*The war on terrorism if not a myth (like the Red Scare) is exploited as a tool
Blatant fear mongering to have us hand over all power to government protectors

*We do not behave like the good guys
Our military presence in 3/4 of nations is opposed to all of our basic principles
Including national sovereignty, freedom, self-determination an democracy to name a few

*We are becoming increasingly expendable to our society
no longer needed as consumers, soldiers, workers, etc.

*Capitalism is not the cause but benefactor of technological progress
Just as pirates and conquistadors weren’t the cause but the benefactors of the wealth and resources they pillaged

*The consumer based society is being phased out
Being replaced by the financial instrument technologically automated society

*Fed reserve is a private banking institution
They act on their own self-interest, not ours

*Bernanke is an expert on deflation
He knows how to best manage deflation to maximize profits for his peers

*Money you put in a bank is not saved
Technically and legally it is money loaned to the bank for them to invest and use

*Sanctions are not designed to create peace
Their function is to cause dissension through the suffering and death of innocents

*Predatory drones are a form of military and psychological terrorism

*The basic principles of psychology of torture are being used on US citizens

*The major messages of the media are orchestrated, monitored and censored

*The wars we’re fighting are not for our freedom
The number of innocents we kill in war, sanctions and insurrections is unprecedented

*Your civil liberties, rights and privacy are being systematically disassembled (removed)

*A person with no privacy is not free
A society with no privacy is easily controlled

*Our imprisonment numbers reveal our governments real view of freedom
If everyone is under surveillance, why the need to imprison at record pace?




So your patriotism and blind faith in your government and the political process, how’s that working for you?

Lying, deception, manipulation, stealth and secrecy are not just the norm they are pervasive in government, business, commerce and international relations

We cannot separate who we are from what we do

Jim Guido

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