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When you look at actions rather than rhetoric it is easy to conclude that the US government is all about control and not about caring for its citizens. US economic and political policy can be summed up in two old fashioned board games, Monopoly and Risk. It all comes down to economic and political domination, and one achieves those objectives through control and power and not through care and freedom. 

If freedom exists at all it is highly compromised when there is no privacy, and we are all painfully aware that we have no privacy. The Great Society has been replaced by the Great Surveillance Society which imprison a higher percentage of its populace than any other nation (maybe for all human history). Despite our government not trusting us and jailing us at a record rate, they claim that we Americans are the moral beacons of the planet and that we are exceptional.

Our government has shut itself down due to its inability to successfully deal with the “budget crisis”. Much of the focus of the “debate” is on whether to repeal or implement a new health care law referred to as Obamacare. While the cost of health insurance is a very significant financial burden for citizens and some smaller businesses it is not a major player when it comes to our national debt and budget.

In many ways the entire debate on Obamacare is a very useful political smokescreen producing many benefits for politicians. One, it is a way to avoid any real discussion on the true culprits of our ever escalating debt. Two, it is a way to shift the entire dialogue towards an attack on all “entitlement” programs, many of which have come out of our paychecks and have nothing to do with the national debt since they are funded by workers salaries and income tax. 
 A third aspect of the smokescreen is accomplished by “both sides” mutually agreeing to refer to it as Obamacare. Labeled such it makes the debate personal and partisan. The discussion really isn’t about the actual healthcare law which no one really understands anyway, it is about whether you support Obama or not, or whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. Forget substance, this is all about ideology, racism and counter-racism.

Lost in all the “debate” is the fact that there is no health insurance plan on the table which is inexpensive and able to insure all US citizens. Such proposals, though implemented by the rest of the “industrialized” world, is considered to “socialistic” by the players of Monopoly to get a fair look. While such health care programs have existed at a fraction of the cost in many other nations for decades, they would curtail the profit margin of corporate America. Well, logically, and reduction of cost for medical care would reduce the profits and profit margins of corporate America. Yet, this is precisely what can’t happen.

The whole idea behind Homeland Security and the Surveillance State is supposedly to protect us citizens from all forms of terrorism. The government wants us to believe that they are willing to spend trillions of our tax payer money to help protect us and make us safe. Yet, the actions of our government undermine every aspect of this supposed intent to protect our freedom, safety and welfare.
 First, during this shutdown whose safety, welfare and health are being better taken care of or improved. No one. In fact many lives are being endangered by the shut down.

All of the watchdog, consumer advocate and protection agencies which make sure our food and water is safe, as is our work environment are shut down, making us increasingly vulnerable to terrorism or just plain corporate negligence regarding our health and welfare. During this hiatus the ranks of the under and uninsured are swelling on a daily basis. One has to question the sincerity of our government’s humanitarian pain over the death and suffering of children in Syria and elsewhere, when now programs supplying food, shelter and often vital health care to US children have now been completely shut down.

In an environment where the combination of those under and unemployment are at record highs it makes no sense from a fiscal or humanitarian perspective to lay off 800,000 workers, the majority of whose jobs directly impact our health, safety and protection. During all this “bitter debate” between Democrats and Republicans there was one bill they passed unanimously. It was nicely framed by the national media that our government has “pledged” to fully fund all “military personnel” during the shut down.

The wording focused on “personnel” for obvious reasons that once again deflect us from reality. We are likely not just fully funding personnel but all our military operations. One wonders if all veterans benefits will continue and their access to health and medical care which is already not meeting the needs of vets. In essence our government is too invested in its game of Risk to reduce or funnel any funds to the citizens for whom they are supposedly fighting for, to protect their quality and standard of life.

The biggest culprits which are causing our national debt to rapidly escalate paralyzing and burying our national safety and welfare is both the corporate game of Monopoly and the political game of Risk. The captains and barons of these two games are enjoying our choosing sides on a debate which is actually aiding them in their desire for conquest and domination.

No matter who wins the current debate of health care, the corporate and political barons and captains will continue to raid us domestically and conquer those internationally. Their investment is always in what they don’t own and have yet to conquer, that which is already in their possession is always a lower priority.

My prediction of the resolution to the budget and health care crisis is rather simple and not very dramatic. The health care issue will be resolved in a way which delays any real reform or truly beneficial impact on health care. Both Republicans and Democrats will claim a certain measure of victory, and admit a certain amount of compromise. The proclaimed victory will appease their support base and allow them to campaign in the future, and the admitted compromise will be used as a means of blaming others for the fact that nothing will really change. This is the basis of our modern two party system, claim responsibility for success, and blame the other side for continued failure. In this way true reform can be delayed forever while allowing the players of Monopoly and Risk to continue to run the table (board).

The net result is and has been for sometime that our superpower addicted government will continue to use all resources to dominate the entire globe, and the financial/corporate world will continue to devise new and more efficient ways of sucking every last penny out of out pockets and into theirs.

The old statement that “the more things change the more they stay the same” has a new spin on it. Medical intervention services are being dominated by parasites and leeches, and yes we are strategically being bled. Economically we once again are becoming serfs on the lord’s estate, giving everything and owning nothing, all for the promise of a little safety.

Jim Guido

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