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No country has ever been prouder of murder, torture, intimidation, genocide, rape, assassination, the overthrowing of sovereign and elected governments, and the starving of millions of civilians and children in “humanitarian” interventions than the US. Ah, but let me not “drone” on, I guess I have to leave that to our commander and chief.

We kill to protect our freedom.

We kill to keep our citizens safe.

We kill to secure our borders.

We kill to defeat evil.

We kill to defeat terrorism.
We kill to prevent terrorism.

We kill to free others.

We kill for peace.

We kill for ideology.

We kill for oil.

We kill to protect our way of life.

We kill to spread our way of life (killing is our way of life).

We kill for regime change.
We kill to prevent regime change.

We kill for feminism and against barbarism.
We kill for racism.

We kill for religious freedom.

We kill to protect our honor.

We kill to honor our dead.

We kill for hope.

We kill to influence nations and their peoples.

We kill for capitalism.
We kill for democracy.

We kill to spread higher ideals.

We kill to show strength.

We kill as an act of diplomacy.

We kill to stop crime.

We kill for change.

We kill to show our love of our country.

We kill people who envy and hate us.

We kill families in their homes in distant lands.

We kill people who might wish us harm.

We kill people who know people who might wish us harm.

We kill people who may want to retaliate for our killing.

We kill doctors, charity and aid workers who care for those we kill.

We kill journalists and whistleblowers who report or question our killing.

We kill the through sanctions, banned weapons, and toxic substances.
We kill by destroying farmland, potable water, wild life and vital infrastructure.

We kill our soldiers (children) in unnecessary combat.

We kill our humanity by glorifying and legitimizing our killing.

We kill our soldiers who commit suicide by not providing them with services when they have been raped, traumatized, or coerced to act against their conscious. (We condone our soldiers being raped by peers and superiors)

We kill as a preemptive act.

We kill as a moral act.

We kill to demonstrate our high ideals and moral indignation.

We kill for justice.

We kill to test technology.

We kill to shock and awe.

We kill to show leadership.

We kill to show commitment and support.

We kill by being the major seller of weapons.

We kill by instigating conflict.

We kill by the artful use of propaganda and disinformation.

We kill those compassionate and charitable to those we kill.

We kill those who try to stop the killing (for aiding the enemy).

The list could go on and on. The list for the reasons we torture, threaten, intimidate, bully, ruin the the reputation of, lie about and imprison people with neutral or good intentions is even longer.

All of this is done with our active support or silent consent. Some support this out of fear and others out of hatred. Many do this because they have been convinced or convinced themselves that there is no other way.

I use to be baffled when I read about how the Roman’s gave up their freedoms and handed over dictatorial powers to Cesare. I use to be dumbfounded at why a democratic people would give away their freedoms and delegate all power in a leader. Well the loss of civil and personal rights and destruction of the constitution over the last four years has answered that question. We now have given our president as much autonomous power as Cesare wielded in the Roman Empire.

I’ve seen a number of articles written by historians of late stating that many of our president’s current powers have not been in existence since the Magna Carta was instituted over a 1000 years ago. No king was legally allowed to be judge and jury and have people imprisoned and killed without the possibility of legal recourse.

Our president has more delegated power than any leader for over a 1000 years in Western Civilization and no society has had a larger discrepancy between the poor and the wealthy as ours. This includes all the slave based societies going back to ancient Egypt.

While I’m sure people can find ways in which these last two paragraphs don’t fully apply. Yet, the fact that they are true in any way in a supposed democratic and free society is beyond defense.

I wish we spent more time coming up with reasons not to kill. I wish we found the reasons not to kill more convincing than the reasons to kill. Each time we fire a bullet or missile we disturb and destroy the peace.

We could and should judge our goodness and leadership by the percentage of days in which we reduced and prevented killing. If the greatest superpower finds itself incapable of coming closer to following the basic commandment found in all religions and civil societies than it does not deserve to be a leader or a representative of civilized society.

I use to find it incomprehensible that the German’s sat back and either actively supported or at least tacitly condoned the heinous acts of the third Reich, I no longer find it so baffling.

I don’t really expect what I wrote here to have any impact or influence on any one reading it. I only do so as an act of conscious. I care very deeply for all of you. I treasure and value life and humanity.

Thanks for listening.

Jim Guido

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