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The modern dating services are all trying to convince potential customers that they can help people find their ideal mate. A professional service is supposed to match people according to interests, personality type, pleasures and sexual appetite. The thought is that there is a science to the biochemistry of attraction and finding the right mate is a matter of selecting and matching the right variables.

Imagine if you could truly create your ideal mate. If the entire database of your wants, likes and desires were to be matched with another person. Imagine if this ideal mate was malleable enough to instantly respond to your changing moods and almost read your needs and feelings at any given moment. Imagine a mate who was there truly for you, who talked when you wanted to, left you alone when you desired it, and met your every sexual desire almost as soon as you recognized it.

This ideal mate is still a fantasy but the day is coming when it will be a reality. Soon cyborgs and robots will have skin which both pleases and is pleased by our touch. Soon we will have programmable partners who can be as orgasmic as we wish and who are devoted to pleasing us at our beckon call.

The programming possibilities are endless. You could make slight alterations to everything from their physique, eye and skin tone and personality to their accent, hair style and conversation topics on a daily basis. You could even create a little conflict and tension if you find harmonious bliss too boring.

It is hard to imagine a sexual relationship with a normal human being even coming close to the amount of ecstasy and pleasure of a personal cyborg. The potential of physical pleasure and heightened orgasm from a cyborg will definitely out strip anything that a normal human could provide you. Aging processes such as wrinkles, sagging, etc. would be totally optional and reversed or increased with little effort.

Those of you who think that getting cyborgs to have sensual skin is far in the future may be in for a surprise. Forget the competition from artificial reality and cyber space fantasy, the real deal may happen in many of our life times.

Satisfying human sexual relationships housed in matrimony are already an endangered species due to affairs, fantasy, porn, cyber-sex and the like. What chance will it have with artificial reality and erotic cyborgs?

What a cyborg won’t be able to provide until they become autonomous experiencing beings is another sentient beings perspective? They will never truly validate our perceptions or offer different perspectives based on their experiences. They will also not challenge us to grow and develop.

Yet, what percentage of the population has that or even desires that in their sexual mates. Already many people get more pleasure and are more bonded to pets, friends and therapists than their avowed mate.

Without significant changes and improvements occurring in human relationships the truly monogamous relationship will soon become extinct, and only practiced by those who are staying monogamous for the cause rather than for personal happiness and sexual satiation.

I’ve written many blogs on gender issues and the male sex drive in particular and they provide many ideas which could help save human to human relationships as are my posts on intimacy and my book Exploring Intimacy which can be read in the words section of this site. Only a more realistic appreciation of human sexuality and our drive towards intimacy could salvage the primacy of human to human relationships.

Yet, maybe I’m just resisting the inevitable and potentially blocking myself from experiencing life in a fuller and more meaningful fashion. Only time will tell. Yet, in the mean time I will continue to explore and discuss ways in which we can make our lives and relationships more rewarding and meaningful.

Life and human experience is truly amazing, and we have barely scratched the surface of understanding and unfolding our potential and joy.

Jim Guido

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