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Before reading these recommendations you may want to read Awed and Reflections on Awed to better place yourself in this post’s attitude and perspective.

1) When making any decision remember how rare and fragile life is in our vast universe, and strive to act in ways which honor and respect the dignity of all forms of life.

2) Keep in mind that human existence is a journey and be patient and understanding of those who are at a different point in the journey or are where you were years ago. When impatient with yourself or others ask yourself, “What makes me think I’m smarter today than I will be tomorrow?”

3) Enjoy the process of life, and the fact that you are forever learning and improving. Realize that certainty often deprives us of the joy and appreciation of personal growth and development.

4) Embrace your history and the passage of time. A reflected life is fertile ground for intimacy and poignancy.

5) Our sense of self (ego), life and experience are processes and not things. A rich life is less noun than verb, yet what we are is more important that what we do.

6) Take to heart the words of the sage, “there is no road to enlightenment, you are already there”. Revel in the beauty of the moment, and enjoy the process. When possible avoid engaging in unrewarding tasks and sacrifices performed for some future goal.

7) Right action is more about being compassionate and having good intentions than it is about choosing the perfect path. We cannot always control the fruits of our actions, but we can usually monitor the honorability of our intentions.

8) Satisfaction and contentment are more often than not accomplished by how you do something rather than what you do, just as the quality of a picture is more about how it is framed and presented than in its subject matter.

9) Remember that personal freedom and free will are only possible in an imperfect and ever changing world. An existence based on absolutes, eternals, infinities and universal laws and truths is a fated existence, and incompatible with any genuine notion of free will, personal choice, or individual existence.

10) Strive to see the good in others, and let others see the good in you.

Jim Guido

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