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Please click to here the latest promo for guidoworld. The script for the commercial is below.


Guidoworld commercial:

I’m Jim Guido and I lampooned this message

Do you feel a sense of impending doom? Do you think that human beings are incapable of world peace? Do you feel that there is a substantial difference in the two political parties? Do you trust corporate media and mistrust alternative media? Do you think people are truly better dead then Red and that the war on terrorism is more of a threat than is corporate globalism? Do you support imperialism and view the impoverished as lazy and deserving of suffering and starvation? Are you convinced that only your nation is good and all others are evil? Than you might find some relief from the anger and bitterness with a visit to guidoworld.

Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for social intercourse and increased intimacy.

At guidoworld you find novels which emphasize the lives of good people trying to do the right thing. Lyrics and songs which challenge and uplift one’s spirits. Essays and books which reconnect us with the wonder, beauty and awe of human life. All portrayed with the honesty and compassion required to inspire us to make the world a better place for everyone.

Join the thousands who have come to guidoworld for temporary and in many cases lasting relief from pessimism, denial and cultural and spiritual elitism. Maybe your story will be like these satisfied customers.

My husband Chuck use to watch Fox News every waking minute. This often resulted in tirades of anger, hatred, and intolerance of other viewpoints. Within ten visits to guidoworld Chuck became a new man, humble, loving and compassionate and appreciative of the gift of life. It is so wonderful to see Chuck interested in the ideas and experiences of others as well as relishing in each and every opportunity to add joy to everyone’s life.

My wife Harriet use to complain about how close minded and blindly defensive the supporters of George Bush were, but once Obama was in office she couldn’t see how she was doing the same thing but only from the other side of the fence. Her excuses for and support of endless wars, predatory drones, sanctions, torture, and bank bailouts as well as Obama’s increase of executive powers at the expense of civil and personal rights were difficult to stomach. Yet, now after guidoworld she is once again the compassionate, empathetic socially conscious woman that I fell in love with. Thank you guidoworld for restoring her vision as well as her heart.

Come visit guidoworld it is free, safe and effective when used as directed. Your results may vary.

Side effects include existential angst, righteous indignation, conspiratorial ideation, empathetic sorrow, ethical regret, global compassion, social consciousness, critical thinking, a decrease in selfishness, and a preoccupation with one’s quality of life.

Additional side effects include nausea as a response to the financial elite and their perceptual managers, sensitivity to bullshit and a craving for intimacy.

Visits to guidoworld may cause a sudden drop in gullibility, or a dramatic increase in compassion.
For insurrections lasting more than four hours please contact your therapist. Please do not visit guidoworld when under the influence of artificial stimulants.

Guidoworld may not be for everybody, but it sure feels like it.

Jim Guido

3 Responses to “Promo for Guidoworld”

  1. on 27 Nov 2012 at 9:35 pm anne bergeron

    Dear Jim,
    I’m hooked to guidoworld though I’ve just begun to explore. I love the above “advertisement!! Especially the “side effects”- my heart is feeling expanded and there’s a smile on my face!

  2. on 29 Nov 2012 at 6:00 pm Guido

    I’m glad you enjoyed your initial perusal. Hope you visit often. Keep me informed of your thoughts.

  3. on 29 Nov 2012 at 8:29 pm Anne bergeron

    I read your fate and free will and agree that the right hand column is, for me, where I want to live thought I’ve certainly spent a lot of time in the left column. Good to ponder!

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