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Well each appointment by Obama continues to disappoint and shows Obama to be less change oriented than he led us to believe. He has consistently surrounded himself with policy advisors and experts who are profoundly old school and whose policies have created the economic and diplomatic mess we currently find ourselves in. His securities and exchange appointee is only a little better than if he would have named Madoff to ferret out fraud and lead regulatory oversight.

I know I might seem a little hard on Obama before he’s even been sworn in, but I can’t help but feel validated in my belief that no true reformer would be allowed to win either party’s nomination. The corporate/industrial complex with its ownership/influence over the media would not tolerate a true change oriented person to become president.  Anyone can talk change, they just can’t act on it. In fact the better someone is at talking change and deceiving the public into believing that change is actually occuring while the status quo continues is not only electable, but preferred.

The power elite are thrilled when a president is able to convince the citizenry that our government has the noblest of intentions,  is dedicated to insuring the freedom and raising the standard of living of every American, and cares about their happiness and success. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, even George Bush (you choose) was able to convince the majority of Americans that we are the leaders in positive change and a beacon for the rest of the world. The fact that most American’s still passionately love their party and hate/fear the other shows that most of us still believe the great con and are unwilling to demand the kind of structural change we would need to begin to live up to our beautiful ideals and sentiments.

True change will not come until we demand our leaders actions to match their words.

President Bush has become less and less visible during his two terms. He seldom talks directly to the American people and instead has a steady stream of press handlers speak for him. When he does speak it is usually of the evil intentions of those who are jealous of our freedom, and the importance of the war on terrorism. A war, which is quick to point out, will last for years if not decades.

In this regard Obama will be a breath of fresh air and a partial healer of the US psyche. During hard times or significant events I imagine Obama will speak to the nation with a reassuring tone. He will help all the unemployed and those hardest hit by the coming depression to feel hope. He will offer succor both verbal and through policies which will create jobs. I can picture his confident tone and reassuring words fostering a spirit of charity, understanding and mutual support which will help quell the anger and hatred that can fester during hard times. Unlike Bush, Obama won’t hide from the public or only be able to unite people through fear and hatred.

Yet, despite these positives I still see him continuing the policies of fear and hatred on the international scene. He already has shown this tendency in his hawkish statements towards Iran, Afghanistan and in his status quo empty rhetoric regarding the war on terrorism. I was too young to remember, but I have a hard time imagining that people continued to call everyone a Communist after the downfall of McCarthy.  When will we stop allowing our politicians to get us to hate people by calling them terrorists, or get us to support immoral policies because of their being justified by the war on terrorism?

We are not going to get true change until we stop selling our political system short, or demand more from our candidates. The military/industrial complex is confident we never will. Will we?

Jim Guido

I no longer am willing to vote for the lesser of two evils. Are you?

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  1. on 20 Dec 2008 at 12:12 am G. Scott

    The military-industrial complex is skilled at making sure the American people are fighting for its influence, though. For example, the F-22 is made in something like 40 States: try to pull the plug on it, and you’ll get howls from all sides. “Protect our jobs!” and the Congress will remain in the military-industrial complex’s back pocket.

    (By the way, you should contact me regarding renewing

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