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The following is a fictional interview of I interviewing me, (or more phenomenologically accurate me interviewing I) regarding the lyrics to Mottled Morn.

Lyric alert:
This song rated M for mature minds as some content maybe existentially uncomfortable or emotionally challenging.

Q: How did you come up with the song title?
A: I often like to engage in meditative musings, or reflective reverie on a single word. The word mottled came into my head while on a walk, and I decided to savor the word and all of its associated meanings.

Q: Meditative musing, reflective reverie? Did your predilection for alliteration have anything to do with your choosing to pair mottled with morn?
A: Most definitely.

Q: So with all the endless permutations and combinations of possible syntax how did you arrive at this particular assemblage of words?
A: Wow, that seems more like a question to be answered by the reflective me rather than the speaking self, but I’ll do my best to give you a decent answer.

Q: I’m sure you will. So how did the lyrics take shape?
A: Well it all started from my initial reverie on the word mottled, in which I focused on staying loyal to its aspects of irregularity or asymmetry with regard to presentation of patterns while not being as committed to its having to do with color. My propensity for alliteration once again had me find areas of similarity between mottled and motley.

Q: So if not color, what is mottled in your song?
A: Well as I said I wanted to do homage to the idea of irregularity or symmetry. So when the first line, “like a voice from another dimension, the day began out of phase” came to me, I quickly transferred the mottled pattern from color to sound. The voice broke the patterns of symmetry and familiarity by neither coming from within (thought) or from a recognizable source of a person in my presence.

Q: Doesn’t that harken more to schizophrenia than a breaking of a pattern?
A: Yes, there is nothing more central to the idea of needing consistency and regularity than the sense of self. The singer uses this as an opportunity to depict the severity of his disorientation with which he finds himself when waking from slumber. He wakes due to a bright light which steals away dream and replaces it with a fragile and disoriented semi wakefulness.

Q: Why did you introduce the girl and hint at a break up?
A: There are few things which anchor our lives more than love. The loss of love, or the sense that the feeling of loving someone was an illusion can definitely place us in a position of great angst and lead to our entire existence seeming displaced, empty and lacking in any order and meaning.

Q: Yet, in the long run the song does not seem to be about lost love. Isn’t the song more about you than a relationship gone wrong?
A: Yes that’s true. The line “I saw right through her into me” changed the entire direction of the song. That line came about totally organically as I was singing generally nonsense words trying to find a cadence and vocal line that matched the chords that I was playing. Yet, once that line seeped in and resonated with me I knew that the song was about to write itself.

Q: Did the song take much editing? How long did it take you to write the song?
A: I standardly do not edit my songs much. In general I use my art as a way for me to learn about me, where editing seems more like an exercise into consciously managing me. The words of the song were written over a couple of days, a musical section at a time. Each section had its own cadence and meter and it took awhile for the words to settle in with the chordal mood and ambience. I had been playing with the chords on and off for a few months before deciding to write the lyrics.

Q: So what was the lost love theme replaced with?
A: Well it wasn’t really replaced it just became less a song about a lover and more about one’s love of life. The love of life is the measure by which all other love’s are judged. The singer finds the cure to the disconcerting quality of the mottled morn to be embracing irregularity and not to fight it.

He gets over his lost love, by realizing that she wanted certainty and was unable to adapt and enjoy the capricious aspects of insight and personal growth. He on the other hand professes to “reap the joys” of his sense of doubt. He experiences intimacy as the never ending process of self-discovery and becoming more familiar and at home with so many aspects of life and knowledge. The unwillingness of his lover, others, or even himself to stay committed to the unfurling of intimacy seems to be structured in fears and inhibitions.

Intimacy, the singer feels, is the entire realm between certainty and chaos, in which all is experienced as neither arbitrary nor predestined. His allegiance is to life itself, not just its essence or spirit, but its deep visceral reality.

Q: How did you decide that the song was complete? Is there a final lesson to be learned in Mottled Morn?
A: No I don’t think there is an ultimate message or meaning to Mottled Morn, it was just an exploration of a feeling. It is rare when I feel a song is truly complete, usually they are just snap shots that one ends before they become as laborious as a library of photo albums. In this song, at some point I just stopped and reread the lyrics and it just felt like a good place to pause.

Q: Could you read them to see if we agree?
A: I’d be honored to do so.

Mottled Morn 12/5/13

Like a voice from another dimension
The day began out of phase

The light stole my mind from a dream
Forgetfullness gave my heart a much needed reprieve
Emotional waves crash on rocky shores
Their hollow echoes prey on my mottled morn

I saw right through her into me
I found her distance quite disorienting
Waves of emotion crashed on rocky shores
Their hollow echoes haunt me to my core

She left my soul stranded on the beach
When she set her heart slightly out of reach
I look out into the endlessness of sky
Sensing the reasons why

She is afraid of a life in transition
Feels betrayed and exposed by all that is uncertain
I reap such joys from the sense of doubt
Each day a new puzzle that cries to be sorted out

The fresh and the discovered draw my fascination
Every mystery deepens richens my infatuation
I long to share to revel in amazement
To treat her body as a fragile present

I’m in love with every warm breath
of this precious life
It’s mystery and its passion
intoxicate my mind

Life touches me so tenderly
sends tingles up my spine
The intimate and the familar
fan the flames of desire

Today and all tomorrows I sense I will treasure it
I am hopelessly dependent, devoted and in love with life

Hope you all enjoyed listening in on my little conversation with myself.

Jim Guido

While this song has been recorded, it will not be available for some time. In the meantime please go listen to my some of my albums located in the music section of this website, or go to Bandcamp and type in or click on to get to my homepage. You can listen and download my songs on Bandcamp to your heart’s content.

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