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This week I got an opportunity to see the Chicago Bulls on TV. I was interested in seeing their new rookie who has been receiving rave reviews. Going in to the game I had my doubts of this young talent. I had heard concerns about his outside shot and his free throw shooting.

Yet, during the game I saw little to support those concerns. His form on his jumpers and free throws looked solid so repetition  and dedication should solve any problems regarding his shot, especially since his work ethic is quite impressive. His court vision and decision making were off the charts and his cool demeanor gave him a maturity beyond his years.

So I would like to offer up a nickname for the young man.

Derrick is very proud of playing for his hometown basketball team. So much so in fact that he is introduced as “from Chicago” as opposed to “from Memphis” which was the college he attended. Derrick grew up a Bulls fan and a Jordan fan. This link with Chicago may be the key for him carving out his own turf and getting out from the gigantic shadow of playing for Michael Jordan’s team.

Though Michael was the greatest Bull of all time, he let it be known many times that North Carolina was his home, and Chicago was his second home. With Derrick there is only one home and that is “Sweet Home Chicago”.

That is why I believe that Derrick’s nickname should include his home town. Now if you combine that with his initials you get DR Chicago or Dr. Chicago.

Dr. Chicago would be quite a handle for the young man. First it ties him with his home town forever, and is incentive for both him and the Bulls management to make him a Chicago Bull for his entire basketball career. Second the doctor tag is quite appropriate for a point guard.

As a doctor he carves up the defense, gives laser accurate passes and preserves the health of the team.

When pronounced Dr. Chicago sounds like you’re saying Dr. Zhivago. You could incorporate that image into Dr. Chicago by playing Lara’s theme when he’s got the ball or when he’s on a mission late in the game. The original Lara’s theme would be a surreal counterpoint to the usual bass thumping hip hop of most stadium music. This would echo Derrick’s personality in which he’s a humble quiet man in a sport of flash and ego. On the other hand one could easily make an electronic version of Lara’s theme which would boom with the best of them.

With the new president being from Chicago and the Olympics probably coming to Chicago, it makes total sense for the Bulls emerging star to be Dr. Chicago.

So how does one get a nickname popularized?

As they say Dr. Chicago is coming to a stadium near you, or Dr. Chicago is now playing everywhere. And if you see him play it does look like he is playing everywhere. He sees and uses the entire court, when he’s on the floor you can definitely say, “the doctor is in”.

Jim Guido

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