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This is is a follow up to my post “Political Fall Guys” in which I stated my contention that both McCain and Obama were being set up to take the fall for the emerging economic depression. I felt that the Democrats and Obama in particular was the perfect dupe for the status quo power lords. Who better than an idealistic gifted mediator to take the blame for a capitalistic downfall?

Any social programs he devises which help the poor and ask the rich to take some cuts will be labeled blatant socialism, and Obama like FDR will be credited (blamed) by economists and historians for making the economic depression harsher and longer than it needed to be. The economist will claim that his policies handcuffed and punished the wealthy and prohibited them from investing in the future and in creating jobs. Yes, defenders of trickle down economics will be howling at the moon for quite some time.

My fear is that once again those who caused the economic debackle will be back in power in a few years after the populace grows tired of the length and severity of the coming depression. What we’ve seen so far is but a mild preview of what is to come. All a president will be able to do is offer solace and assistance to those in need as the entire long business cycle unwinds. Historically economic down periods last 3/8 as long as the preceding up period which means this down cycle should last until 2015 or so. These cycles are well known and Mr. Greenspan himself often referenced and talked about the economic “winter” we are now entering.

In four years politicians will be telling us all how the bad economy is being exaggerated by the anti free market social programs being peddled by Obama and the Democratic House and Senate. Things like taxes on the rich, will be told, are the cause of economic depression, not its solution. Though this is totally false, it will be convincing.

Most likely we will not see another Democrat in the White House for atleast 12 years or so, just like when Jimmy Carter was set up by the previous administrations loose fiscal policies which spawned the stagflation that he fought through. The status quo elitists who capitalized on the boom as well as the bust will come riding in to save the day, while convincing us to once again accept the expanding gap between the haves and have nots as the best way to fashion and maintain a healthy and prosperous economy.

Yet, maybe Obama can steal a page from Hollywood and beat the odds. Does anyone remember the story line of Blazing Saddles where a bunch of white guys make a black man sheriff right before the town is supposed to be raided and pillaged by a horde of bad guys. In the movie Cleavon Little plays the deft and resourceful black sheriff who outsmarts all the marauders and saves the town.

Maybe Barack can do the same. Maybe he can unite this country and have us trust his guidance through these coming hard times. Yet, history is not on is side. This multi-trillion dollar credit fiasco will take years to unwind, and no act of genius or motivation will be able to solve the problem in four years.

I was very impressed with both McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s acceptance speech. It’s a shame that candidates do not believe they can talk that way during a campaign. Instead of demonizing each other they were praising each other and talking positively about the country and the world.

McCain talked of the greater good and how winning the election is not as important as helping the nation and the world be a better place.

For me it is just another example of how corrupt our politial system is. Only in defeat can a candidate put being elected into perspective. Elections should not be about saying what people want to hear. It should be about saying what one believes will make the world a better place. If people don’t agree with your view than you should not win the election. Why would I want people to elect on words and positions I don’t really believe in? InĀ  such a case I’m left with two alternatives.

One is to just to ignore what I said during my campaign and do what I think is right. In that case I got elected on lies and now I’m acting on lies.

The other option is to live up to my campaign promises and platform despite the fact that I do not believe in them. This is one of the reasons I view our political system as corrupt and in need of an overhaul. Currently are candidates are either dishonest or insincere or both. We can and need to do better than that.

Jim Guido

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