Poetry25 Dec 2012 08:43 pm

Buon Natale

Fragile and vulnerable we are born
A soup of possibilities to be formed
We make the world as it makes us
Such is our curse and how we are so blessed

A mother’s warmth and milk filled breast
Her scent, her smile each sweet caress
Draws us out from the sea of sense
Orients, comforts and let’s us connect

Most of what we are and what we become
Imprints body’s struggles and each success
Vestiges of the lived in each experience
Our history, future and meaningfulness

The vast sea out of which we are born
It’s depths we plunge it surface we explore
The sky above the earth’s our floor
Our thoughts delight in speaking our body’s core

We are more than we’ll ever know
We are all one yet manifold
Each of us were one day born
A soup of possibilities to be formed

Jim Guido

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