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The universe we live in is vast
The universe is amazingly vast
The universe is surprisingly vast
The universe is unimaginably vast

Stars are incredibly hot
Yet they are but small random specs in the vast cold universe
Massive telescopes and space probes
Look through space and time
Radio wave technology
Seeks for evidence of intelligent life
Yet we have yet to find any other life conscious of itself

We are indeed rare us living and conscious beings
Though stars be small specs in vast space
There are far more stars than conscious beings

At the base of our personal universe
We lie in bed in gentle embrace
Silently greeting the day
We are two hearts beating warmth into a cold and lifeless universe
Our lungs are breathing life into a empty and sterile universe
How rare life is in this vast universe

Each day we wake and know we are alive
We accomplish the rarest of feats in the entire universe
We are in deed fortunate to live and breathe
To have experience and personal history

We are surrounded and cradles by life
Our teeming planet
A small oasis in an endless desert of space

We are so rare, so precious
So incalculably fortunate
Is life a gift a miracle?
yet there is no denying
it is the rarest of opportunities

The opportunity to live
and be conscious of being alive

Jim Guido

One Response to “Awed”

  1. on 07 Sep 2014 at 4:12 pm anne bergeron

    As usual, you have “nailed it”! I love what you said about the unexamined life as a blown opportunity. You are a rare person- a light, truly, midst the darkness- sorry to get a little macabre on you! We’ll get together – next weekend is free; why not consult with Dayna and let us know what might be available! Talk with you soon.

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