20 Mar 2007 06:38 am

I’m Guido and welcome to GuidoWorld.

This site is intended to be a celebration of the human experience.

On one level this site is a personal journal cataloging the thoughts, feelings and perceptions which best articulate my joys and concerns regarding life. On this site you will have access to my lyrics and songs, novels, essays and non-fiction books along with my most recent thoughts in the form of posts.

On another level this site is a means for us to take a look our shared reality. We will attempt to reflect upon and analyze the systems and social structures which affect and mold the quality of our lives. The goal not being to seek and articulate some ideal Utopia, but rather to see what actions we could take to better the quality of our lives, and of our contemporaries around the globe.

I invite you to read, savor and respond to all that lies within the boundaries of Guidoworld. Though I’ve done nothing to advertise or promote this site, the audience from all over the world has been growing at a very encouraging pace. I appreciate those of you who email me or make comments and would like the site to inspire more dialogue amongst all you visitors to GuidoWorld.

United in Compassion,

Jim Guido

You can email me at jim.v.guido@gmail.com

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